Flying… ¡It Can’t be Real!


As a kid I was obsessed with the idea of flying. The very feeling of being pressed against my seat by the fierce power of those turbines seemed incomparable! However, one winter afternoon, during a domestic flight in South America, in the midst of a huge thunderstorm, I was about to quickly realize how my passion for flying would turn into a simple torture.

Without going into details of the flight in question, lets just say that while that noble DC-10 kept nose diving and shaking like a cocktail mixer, its wings seemed like flags at the sole mercy of the wind… and the flight attendants? Oh God.. if you ever want to know the gravity of a situation aboard, just look at their body language, if they are all strapped to their seats like it was in my case, you better start praying!

Although an hour later we were finally able to land safely, this unforgettable experience led me to one simple conclusion: Planes cannot fly. Anything that weighs about 1200 tons (not including passengers and hundreds of pounds of luggage) cannot fly. We have been deceived! A Jumbo 747, an Airbus 380, or any other aircraft out there, have the same aerodynamic properties of a rock … no more, no less.

Yup… that’s it…we have been living in some kind of matrix, flying only exists in our minds.. that is the only possible explanation. I’m really sorry it had to be me who broke the news to you, but someone had to do it.